Warm Fall Days

Hi everyone!

Today in Denver, I woke up to SNOW on the ground, so I thought it was a perfect day to reminisce on a beautiful 70 degree Fall day!

I know that Denver will warm up again before Winter is here, so here is an outfit that would be perfect for those Summer/Fall transition days. IMG_7957_Facetune_06.10.2017-21:20:39IMG_7959_Facetune_08.10.2017-13:30:58

There are so many adorable aspects about this outfit, but perhaps my favorite are the shoes! I found these at the Nordstrom Rack and fell in love the second I saw them! Isn’t it the best feeling when you find a pair of shoes that you can’t live without and then find out that they are on sale!! Yes you heard me! IMG_7950

Unfortunately I looked on every possible online store and couldn’t find these babies anywhere where they weren’t sold out! But I did find quite a few on Poshmark! I will leave a link below!


This sweater is also just to die for. it’s at the perfect length for the casual tuck in the front slouch in the back, and the bubble sleeves are too cute to pass up!


Let’s take a minute to appreciate this hat! It totally brought back my Jonas Brothers days, and I love a good statement hat!

Thank you guys for taking the time to read todays fashion post! Let me know what you though of this outfit! Happy Monday babes! Have a great week!



Shop this look here:

Shop the shoes here!

Shop the sweater (Same style Different colors) here!

Shop the shorts (similar) here!

Shop the hat (similar) here!



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  1. wow those shoe laces look incredible!! do they stay up when you walk around?


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