Red Moment & Life Update

Happy Monday babes! I am so so grateful to everyone who has been supporting me and reading my posts! I honestly can’t thank you all enough for your love and support!

Today we’re going to be talking about this little red ensemble, and my favorite jeans ever. Like ever ever.


Your girl has been so busy with school and work and trying to find a job after I graduate, so these phone conversations were actual real conversations, not just staged ones! I’m excited to share some news with you all very soon about some opportunities that have come my way, but we will save those for another day!

I have recently updated my blog theme which I’m sure you have seen by now if you’re here! I will probably continue to switch things up after a few months because I am very indecisive and I love to mix things up!

Let’s talk about this cute little number here now! I found these jeans like you may have seen in my last post from Fashion Nova and I’m honestly so in love you guys! They fit me like a glove and they are the cutest jeans I have ever owned! The holes are in all the right places, they’re just perfect! RSP_5236RSP_5259

This top though, really just makes the outfit and brings it to a whole different level! I love this top because it’s so cute! The red stripes and the off the shoulder detail that I added when styling it just completely fits my style! And then, there are the balloon sleeves! Honestly balloon sleeves are the bees knees right now and I’m seriously loving it!


Go Shop this look below!

Thank you for reading today and I hope you have a great rest of your week!



Get the top here

Get the jeans here

Get the shoes here

Get the sunnies here



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