Ella x Fashion Nova

Hi babes! It has been a week! I have had family in town from Florida while the hurricane ripped through, and then I fell down the stairs at work and to top it all off I got sick so I’ve been pushing through and trying to fight off this cold while settling back into every day life.

Moving on, today I’m going to share this adorable Fashion Nova outfit with you all!


I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram you have seen this outfit and I’m really excited to finally get to share this look’s details with you all.

I absolutely love Fashion Nova! As a girl with some curves, it is so satisfying finding the perfect jeans that fit my booty and waist. So, thank you Fashion Nova for giving me hope and making me feel great about my body! RSP_5415

I got this top in California when I visited last month at one of the few Fashion Nova stores out there. I had been searching for a top like this one and I’m so happy that I finally found one!


Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite part of this outfit, the boots! These boots are definitely one of my favorite pairs of shoes! Now, these shoes aren’t from Fashion Nova but luckily I found a good pair that are very similar on their website! Shooting this look was so much fun and I feel like every look I shoot aI get closer to what I want to be posting on my blog! So, yay for improvement and I can’t wait to keep sharing with you all!


Have a great week! Shop the look here!

Shop the jeans here

Shop the top here

Shop the boots here



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