Fashion Nova x Ella Florida Romper

Good afternoon y’all!

Today I am going to share with you all my favorite little romper! I thought that it was perfect for this week’s fashion post because of the hurricane in Florida right now! I have family that lives in Tampa and they are definitely going to be affected by the hurricane so I wanted to first go ahead and post a link where you can donate your time or money to helping people impacted by the hurricane!

Donate Here!

I chose the American Red Cross because my uncle is the CEO of the American Red Cross Los Angeles Chapter/Disaster Services and he’s been traveling for the past few weeks helping and donating his time in disaster areas impacted by the hurricanes. If you don’t have anything to donate at this time, a simple prayer or good thought is always a great way to show support! Thank you all!

On a different note, here is the romper I mentioned previously!


This romper definitely fits it’s name “Florida Floral”! I can just imagine roaming all around Miami with this little ensemble!


Honestly, this is one of my most comfortable outfits I own, especially for these hot, end-of-Summer days. It’s lightweight and flowy and just downright adorable! My favorite part is the little cutout right in the middle! It’s in the perfect place where it’s tasteful but also a little bit dangerous and I love that about this romper!


Thank you all for reading today! You’re all so amazing and I can’t thank you enough for all of your support!

Shop the look here

Shop the romper here!




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