Must Have School Supplies

Hi babes!

Like I promised, I am going to be posting one fashion look every week and one lifestyle post and today is your lucky day, because you get to see what I use to stay organized and successful year round!

I have been taking Summer classes for the past 3 years, so the only break I have really had from school is the month long break between the Fall and Spring semester. I bet you can imagine my life is pretty crazy as a mom, a full time student and working 2 jobs. (Yes, I consider blogging another job because I definitely spend 15+ hours every week blogging and networking and growing my social media.) Organization is a MUST!

Here are my absolute must-haves for every school year and I’m going to be honest and say that I will probably carry all of these into my professional career as well.


I’m not really going to go into my computer and my phone because really, they are just used for networking, social media and homework, and I will more than likely write a post in the future touching on networking and growing social media, so for now I am going to stick with the three most important tools I own.

First, is my journal.


This isn’t the average journal where I write down my feelings and vent about all of the bad things happening in my life. No, No, No, this journal has everything else in it. I write down all of my ideas in it. It has questions, it has research I have conducted. It has blog post ideas, I think if I lost this journal I would lose my whole mind.

Moving on, I am going to show you all one of my bibles calendars, I mean calendars.

DSC_0020editedOpen calendar

Yes I said one of… Meaning I have two. This calendar is meant to keep track of things far in advance. I chose a week where I hadn’t written anything down yet so that you all can see what it looks like.

On the left page it has the categories Top Three (things to do), To Do, To call, To Email, To Buy, Don’t forget, and This Week’s Goal. This helps me organize pretty much my whole week at a glance and it keeps me on track with who I need to contact and what I need to do for the week.

My other calendar is more of a daily agenda.



This little babe is perfect for Daily to-do lists. I am serious guys, if you have a hard time with organization, you need this in your life! It’s perfect for me because it is completely customizable. It doesn’t have specific dates so if you miss a day you’re not wasting a whole page, and who doesn’t love saving some trees? My favorite part is the time line on the right hand side of each page. I can literally write out my schedule for the day and it’s amazing. The page also includes Objectives and projects, Notes and a to-do list. I can take my weekly overview calendar and then completely plan out my day.

This planner is by far my favorite, and it’s so darn cute!

Go and shop all of these amazing school/ life supplies Below!

Shop the daily planner here

Shop the other weekly planner at your local target!

(I couldn’t find my exact planner online, but here’s a similar one)

Shop a similar journal here

Shop the phone case here

Have a beautiful week loves! I’ll talk to you all next week!

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