Hair Goals x Zala

Look at those Locks!

Hi guys! It’s been a while, and I apologize but I’m taking a much needed vacation in LA and while I have a free moment i thought I’d share with you all these AH-MAZING extensions! RSP_6846

I am still in shock at how gorgeous this hair is. Zala has been so great to me. These extensions are such great quality. But in all reality the thing that really impressed me was how seamless they blended with my hair color. Honestly have you ever seen such ashy and beautiful extensions?! Me neither. I didn’t even have to dye them to match like I would have to do if I got my extensions from somewhere else. That has been my struggle for the past two years because my hair is just so ashy blonde at the bottom. Luckily I found Zala and I swear I will never go back to any other brand again.


Here’s the best part! They just opened a new US warehouse and they have free shipping! They are affordable, high quality and just all around incredible. Thank you Zala for giving me the extensions of my dreams!

Go check them out on their new US website here, and use my code ‘ELLAA4ZALA’ for a discount.

Thanks for reading today! Love you all!




Outfit Details:

Shop the bralette here!

Shop the top here!

Shop the pants here!

Shop the shoes here!


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